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With the WiTECH Diagnostic System, your service advisers and technicians are no longer tied to a desktop computer to get essential vehicle data and service information. Now they can stay with each vehicle during the entire process, eliminating costly trips to and from the nearest computer. wiTECH provides instant wireless access to all current diagnostic software, through a system that is faster, more secure and more intuitive than ever before. It even works with existing StarMOBILE devices, so there’s no need to discard your existing equipment. Easy to setup and easy to use, the wiTECH system can yield up to 30 minutes a day in efficiency gains for each technician. Assuming the most conservative efficiency gain, you can expect the base wiTECH system to pay for itself within the first year.  Mopar wiTECH Diagnostic System

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Package Comes with Dual Core Panasonic Toughbook Computer Which Includes Windows 7 Operating System

2. Power Transformer
3. Vehicle Cable
4. Trigger switch/cable
5. USB Cable
6. Crossover Cable
7. Carrying Case
8.  Dual Core Panasonic Toughbook Includes Windows 7
9. Full Telephone Tech Support and Training


Chrysler wiTECH

Chrysler Diagnostic Tool Chrysler WITECH Diagnostic System
Software Features/Diagnostic Tool Information:

Witech Wi-Tech Diagnostic Application-
This all-new diagnostic application replaces the existing Star-Mobile desktop client application and contains significant enhancements to improve technician efficiency.

It is more intuitive, faster and provides vehicle data and service information at the same time. It connects to both StarMobile devices and the new Witech VCI POD.


Our number one diagnostic tools seller is the Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Witech Package.
This package comes with a Panasonic Dual Core Toughbook with Windows 7.  It has the largest hard drive and processor to run the large Chrysler Witech software.  This package also comes with the DRB 3 Emulator software from Chrysler.

Chrysler uses 2 different Scan tool systems on their vehicles depending on whether they are older non-can or the newer can communication systems.

The handheld scan tool, DRB 3 serviced all older non-can vehicles up to 2003.

Starting in 2004, the Dodge Durango was the first vehicle to switch to can using a Can system scan tool.

In 2005, the Chrysler 300 and others joined the switch and
by 2007, the only vehicles left still using the older non-can
systems were the minivans.

The DRB 3 is a necessary tool. There are things it can reliably do that are not possible with the Can system scan tools.

Examples :

Sprinter truck diagnosis from 2002 thru 2006 is only possible thru the DRB 3 scan tool.
Sprinter requires a multiplexer cable and Sprinter software card to access all the systems.

The Chrysler Crossfire requires the multiplexer and it’s own
software card to access all systems.

2001 and newer Sebring and Stratus 2 door models require
a special cable and software card to access all systems.

The DRB 3 can reliably reflash computers with a download from and unlike J2534 programmers, It does not leave the P**** code that means a non factory programmer was used.

This tool was about $6000.00 new and was eventually discontinued.

Happily, now a good clean used DRB 3 can be acquired for about $3000.00 or less depending on condition.
(We usually have them in stock)

There have been some developments in the newer Can system software to replace many of the DRB 3 functions not listed above.

If you want results that you can trust, buy the tool that was the Dealers scan tool for the age of vehicles that you are diagnosing.

When Chrysler started switching to Can systems, Chrysler came out with the Starscan handheld scan tool and the Starmobile Customer Flight Recorder handheld interface.

I say ‘interface’ because the Starmobile required a laptops screen as the user interface.

The Starscan was a great tool.  The Starmobile was able to be grandfathered in to use the Witech software since it required a laptop anyways.

Witech is laptop based as the user interface. It is very easy to use and is extreemly effective at Network diagnostics.

Witech formally came out with it’s own vehicle interface called the ‘Pod’. 

The newer system called Witech is laptop based only.  It is very user friendly and has a excellent vehicle network layout diagram on the first screen at vehicle connection time. 
 It shows which modules are equipped, online, have codes and are due for a reflash update of newer software.

 The network ‘tree’ depicted on the laptop screen showing how each module is connected saves time when one or more are not working. 
 Witech also has a DRB 3 emulator to act on screen like a DRB 3 with a virtual keypad and screen displayed.
 It even has reflash capability on cars that do not require special cards or cables.

I look forward to helping you make the best possible decision in adding a scan tool to your shop.

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