$ 2,995.00

DRB 3 Diagnostic Tool

The handheld scan tool, DRB 3 services all older non-can vehicles up to 2006.  The package works great and also comes with the Super Card 2.

Starting in 2004, the Dodge Durango was the first vehicle to switch to can using a Can system scan tool.  In 2005, the Chrysler 300 and others joined the switch and by 2007, the only vehicles left still using the older non-can systems were the minivans.

The DRB 3 is a necessary tool. There are things it can reliably do that are not possible with the Can system scan tools.  The DRB III is required still for certain functions and vehicles.

Sprinter truck diagnosis from 2002 thru 2006 is only possible thru the DRB 3 scan tool.  Sprinter requires a multiplexer cable and Sprinter software card to access all the systems.

The Chrysler Crossfire requires the multiplexer and it’s own software card to access all systems.

2001 and newer Sebring and Stratus 2 door models require a special cable and software card to access all systems.

Get your DRB III system today and works really well for coverage when paired with the Chrysler Witech Diagnostic System