Welcome to Dealership Closeouts

Established in 2000, Dealership Closeouts buys out mid sized dealerships and small independent shops and then brings to market these new and used OEM automotive diagnostic equipment and shop tools.  As the business has grown we have been able to develop relationships with the OE manufacturers which in turn has allowed us to bring Brand New OEM equipment to the market place.

In this day and age the aftermarket diagnostic tools are a things of the past. Mechanics need the top of the line OEM tools to work on the major car and truck lines.  This gives the tech FULL ACCESS to all modules and Programming Functions.

Our products on our site are updated frequently as we get brand new and used tools in on a weekly basis. All out tools are tested and warrantied so the customer does not need to worry about getting a product that does not function properly.

Treat yourself and your business to the best and stop sending away valuable customers to others because you do not have the right tool to do the job.

We offer live tech support from trained mastertech’s on our staff that way unlike other companies who may be hard to get a hold of or only answer your questions via email we offer above and beyond FULL LIVE TECH SUPPORT.



Ford Vehicle Diagnostics

Authentic OEM diagnostics for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. The industry standard in Ford diagnostics.

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GM Vehicle Diagnostics

The newest release from the GM Factory covers GM models 2010 and newer. The GM MDI module when combined with the latest in software from GM allows your shop to deliver dealer level diagnostics.
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Call 866-217-0063