Honda MVCI Package


Wired Connection (Industry Standard)

  • Can communicate directly with a Windows-based PC using a USB 2.0 or RJ45 Ethernet cable.

Wireless Connection

  • Can communicate wirelessly to a WiFi enabled PC and can also communicate via a dealer’s wireless network.

Communication Coverage

  • From 2012 model year the 3G HDS must be used.
  • With the new 3G HDS software, the MVCI will be able to communicate with all Honda OBD-equipped vehicles model year 1992 and newer.

SAE J2534 Compliant Pass through Reprogramming

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Honda MVCI Package

To Keep current with advancements in diagnostic systems capabilities and electronic tools, Honda Partnered with SPX to design and develop the 3rd Generation Honda Diagnostic System (3G HDS). This system, a combination of the newly created Modular Vehicle Communication Interface (MVCI), new software, and a laptop, will provide technicians with a reliable, easy-to-use, and competitively priced tool that provides rapid and accurate diagnostic information for vehicle issues. It will also reprogram control modules (CM) in a fraction of the time of previous tools. This global Honda Motor Company tool is designed to meet the current as well as future vehicle diagnostic needs.

To help ensure a seamless transition into the “next generation,” the MVCI has undergone many tests and activities resulting in several design improvements.


  • Communications are based on current industry standards.
  • Industry standard hardware and interface improves reliability.
  • Commercial-grade components withstand abusive conditions.
  • Passed HALT testing (Highly Accelerated Life Test and 6 months field testing in dealership setting.)
  • Upgrade-able via MCI expansion slot makes this a long term tool that is a part of Honda next generation diagnostic strategies.
  • Stand-alone CM (Control Module) reprogramming no longer requires a PC for reprogramming (Updating) vehicle control modules.

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