Hyundai Kia GSCAN2 G-Scan 2 GIT Scan Tool

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Hyundai Kia GSCAN Tool

Brand New 2 Year Warranty

One Year Software License

Updates Released 3 Times Per Year


This Hyundai/Kia specialty tool was named the Best Selling Scan Tool 2008-2009 in its first year debut in Japan. The G-Scan continues to exceed the expectations of repair shops world-wide by providing a reliable, high quality scan tool with rapidly evolving coverage at a reasonable price. Manufactured by GIT, the same manufacturer of the current Hyundai & Kia OEM scan tools, the G-Scan offers the aftermarket repair shop a complete solution which mirrors the OEM factory tool performance for both Hyundai and Kia.

The vehicle model coverage for Hyundai & Kia includes both passenger cars and SUVs; begins with 1988 Model Year and goes to the current model year. Updates are released every 90 days and users receive a 1 year software subscription with the tool's initial purchase.
GIT's engineering team is continuously adding to G-Scan's coverage so as to meet the needs of the professional automotive repair shop. T he G-Scan provides amazing coverage of all major Asian vehicle manufacturer car lines beyond Hyundai/Kia plus most European car lines and a welcome addition...the US Domestic vehicles!
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