Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Dealership Closeouts sell reconditioned / refurbished tools?

Yes, we can take virtually any tool you currently have at your shop and include that towards any current tool purchase. We prefer diagnostic tools only. We also have a vast selection of brand new OEM dealership level diagnostic tools.

Does Dealership Closeouts have live tech support?

Yes we offer live tech support from a GM, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and Ford master mechanic. This feature that we include with our tools is worth $1000’s of dollars but you get it for free.

Does Dealership Closeouts have an exchange policy?

We do offer an exchange program towards another tool purchase.

Does Dealership Closeouts have a return policy?

We do offer an excellent return policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you are able to return the tool for a refund.

How do I replace a module or part?

If you are looking for a specific part or tool not listed, simply give us a call and we will track it down for you. We have 1000’s of cable, parts and other items related to diagnostic tools.

How long does it tale to get a response back from Dealership Closeouts Support Staff?

Typically Dealership Closeouts can answer your questions immediately as we have on hand Tech support for your convenience.

Is there a cap on how much product I can purchase?

There is no limit on the amount you can purchase. We do give discounts for multiple tools purchased.

Our tools our mainly purchased from dealerships that go out of business all over the country. Every tool is thoroughly tested and given our own warranty by our tech staff.

For many of the tools you can go to that company’s website and gain access to any additional information that you may need. In many cases you will need to purchase the OEM tools subscription from the manufacture.

Contact Support

If you have browsed the support area and still cannot find what you are looking forward for, feel free to contact the dealership closeouts support team. Live phone support at 866-217-0063


Drivers & Downloads

Download the most current and up-to-date drivers for all components included with your Scan Tool Package. Be sure to keep your drivers up to date to keep the highest functionality.


Customer Support

Email a dealership closeouts support staff to find answers for any questions you may have concerning your scan tool package. Email at