Eaton ServiceRanger Diagnostics Professional Edition


Eaton ServiceRanger Diagnostics Professional Edition 0020

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ServiceRanger is a PC-based diagnostic and service software application that provides quick access to Eaton commercial vehicle products. It allows for quick and easy diagnostics of complex problems affecting electronic systems, enabling faster service and shorter down time. ServiceRanger is the only tool for servicing Eaton products.

Eaton products supported in the Professional package

  • Generation 2 AutoShift
  • Generation 2 UltraShift
  • Generation 3 AutoShift
  • Generation 3 UltraShift
  • Lightning


  • Active and inactive fault codes
  • Real time vehicle data parameter values
  • Service routines and diagnostic tests
  • Service information
  • Basic product configuration programming

NOTE: This Professional version will allow you to do everything a dealer can do including complete transmission ECU prorgamming. This program also expires after 12 months.

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